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To be as to be

To be as to be

Take a deep breath

Look beyond, beyond the sun set where the water flows.

A red poppy stands alone amongst the yellow leaves, pail yet full of life.

Drenched in water, the sand storm comes my way.

I must withstand the heat.

I run off to the deep blue river, I'm sinking

I say, swim deeper and deeper and you shall find. Trust, you must, if I may

I feel alone in crowded places, surround by my fear of tomorrow.

What will it bring, the unknown or all too familiar a day, a day, a moment lived before, suspended in time. Silence, I wake up to the chirping of birds...

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1 Comment

Ameerah's Design
Ameerah's Design
May 27, 2023

Made me feel inside the poem. Thanks for sharing :)

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