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Journey of 



The fana! platform is an initiative of the Infinite Foundation, an international non profit organisation based in the Netherlands and with an international team and presence in different corners of the world. 

We envision a world where people are positive and active contributors to a healthy society. A world where all people, regardless of gender, origin, or outlook on life, get to explore and discover their talents and passions, in order to know their personal and professional value and potential and actively use their skill sets to add value to society.


This platform is a tool to embark on this journey of discovery, to help explore and to enable to pursue passions in order for people to discover themselves and grow into balanced and confident individuals, responsible members of and active contributors to a society, to inspire and connect the people around them

Image by Ali Bakhtiari



We challenge all people to self-reflect and introspect. It takes courage to search within the self for what truly makes the heart happy. Especially when talents and passions do not correspond to expectations or wishes from the people around, the community, or society as a whole. We are convinced that when someone finds in the personal track (own strengths and passions) an unprecedented motivation and drive is released to put talents to use. Not just for personal gain, but for the benefit of everyone.

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