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See what I can do!

My photography stretched over the fascade, back & white stretched over rocks, stones on these ancient structures

Old windows, doorways, empty, haunted without light

I am fascinated

I am showing you what I can do, but you show no interest

There's something better you say

I make no sense to you

But t I won't give up

I carry on because I believe in I. I capture what I've created through my lens, people in their prayers

My photographs are etched very deep, deeper than these scars, deeper than these words, scraped, embedded on these ancient stones.

I continue to elevate to a higher ground

No one is here, but hollow houses and empty souls

I hear a call from a distant minaret, I go inside to pray, leaving behind my green shell

I return to find two abandoned souls, barely alive, hidden deep within the warmth of my jacket.

One is awake while the other 3 asleep

I seek a place to shelter them but to no success

A race up hill, higher, with the wind I elevate

I'm guided and led to an unknown direction.

The people here resemble you. They are all her people but abandoned, lost, and cold.

I share my treasure, and few agree to help me

Take these young souls, I say, help me find my way, and I promise not to abandon you!

It's getting late now

I asked if they spoke my words, few respond to my calling, an older woman, weak but with light in her eyes, she agrees to share my burden

I want to find my way home but only a few trust me

When will the help arrive, they ask me, I assure help is forthcoming, so they help me to relieve my burden

Two young souls accompany me, but not 4 to my surprise

I kiss one gently

I want to save them, protect them, and I assure the people

What will I tell her, will she believe me? Shall I call them Muhammed and Aisha, but will she believe me

My journey

I'm so close yet so far away

I speak a foreign language, but I must carry

I have faith, I believe, I must sail on.

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