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Exploring, meeting and 

Image by Jed Villejo


Creating art (in whatever form) is the ultimate way to capture and express life. A way of expression that is often seen as only prevalent for a privileged few. But creating is not reserved to artists, as appreciating art not to those who claim to have expertise. Everything we know in this world is presented to us in the most beautiful way, in its own rhythm and structure. And every living creature is equipped to create.


Art Class

The fana! platform is an international platform that aims to build a network of explorers and creators of any form and shape and inspire the world! To see beyond the obvious, to search, find and emphasize. The developing of a dynamic, global community of bridge builders, enabling connection through exploring, creating, meeting and sharing life.

Chalkboard with Different Languages


We are not a solitary species. Most of us do not thrive living as loners. We are designed to function in social groups, to reinforce and support each other, like bricks in a wall.


It’s the biggest paradox in life and directly opposed to the current general belief, but it’s not through similarities in convictions, culture, language, or appearance that people connect, but it’s precisely our differences that trigger curiosity and pushes us to explore and genuinely meet, to, in the end, discover how much we are alike.

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